UCX® technology has proven to be robust, consistent and cost-effective, ensuring its GMP-compliance and suitability to be implemented by cryo-banking service companies.

Moreover cells are cryopreserved in a healthy, viable, ready-to-use single cell suspension rather than being cryopreserved within the umbilical cord tissue, as often found in approaches from others.

Given the increasing therapeutic value of MSCs, namely those isolated from the umbilical cord tissue, and given the current competitive environment in the umbilical cord blood stem cell (ucbHSC) cryopreservation arena, ECBio is currently licensing the UCX® technology to partners interested in differentiating in the market by implementing this innovative cryopreservation service.

ECBio is also currently active in the development of cell therapies using UCX® cells in collaboration with research groups and clinicians, mainly in Europe.

ECBio is open to partner in any of these areas. Contact us.