ECBio is incorporated as a Consultancy Company in Biotechnology in December. Entrance of venture capital (VC)
First contract with a major Portuguese pharmaceutical company: consultancy on a GMP biotech facility for recombinant protein production
First R&D project approved for governmental financial support
The first R&D laboratory at IBET/ITQB, Oeiras, Portugal initiates its activity; ECBio becomes an anonimous society (SA); Entrance of corporate venture capital for R&D; First private donation for R&D has been generously attributed
The second R&D laboratory at IBET/ITQB, Oeiras, Portugal, initiates its activity
First Contract Research project with the Pharmaceutical Industry; First two patents on stem cell applications and on new anti-cancer compounds, respectively, are granted in PT
ECBio was granted the EMA-SME status
Two governmental (QREN) proposals are approved by the Portuguese authorities representing a total R&D investment of €1.5M; Two patents related to the isolation and application of mesenchymal stem cells from human umbilical cord tissue are granted in PT and included in the first technology transfer to Cytothera/Medinfar
Cryopreservation services based on ECBio’s technology is first offered to the general public by Cytothera; One additional project from QREN is approved by the Portuguese authorities, representing a R&D investment of €0.4M on the myocardial infarction area
First royalty returns over ECBio’s technology; ECBio inaugurates new R&D laboratories at Medinfar premises and QREN projects officially start; ECBio establishes an agreement with Karolinska Institute, SE, to perform safety studies on UCX®
Approval of 2 R&D QREN Projects involving the pre-clinical use of UCX® in inflammatory arthritic and cardiovascular conditions, representing an investment of €1.5M in product development and pre-clinical studies
Publication of the results of the pre-clinical use of UCX® in rheumatoid arthritis, a publication which became highly accessed. ECBio also reveals a mechanism by which UCX® can exert a mitogenic effect over skin fibroblasts and keratinocytes and another by which it can attract endogenous BM-MSCs via G-CSF secretion. UCX® becomes an internationally registered trademark.
Publication of the results on the pre-clinical use of UCX® in acute myocardial infarction, a publication which became highly accessed. ECBio also publishes important data on the adaptation of UCX® production to ATMP conditions and on UCX® application to sciatic nerve regeneration. Scientific advice with the regulatory authorities towards production of an ATMP begins.
ECBio publishes data demonstrating UCX® cells are more powerful immune-modulators than BM-MSCs. ECBio also reveals how UCX® cells can be primed to secrete a more healing-prone secretome through culturing in 3D culture conditions. ECBio submits a provisional patent on the synergistic application of different MSC types in arthritic conditions. The production of the first clinical batch of UCX® under GMP conditions starts.