ECBio´s latest research on UCX® potency and mechanism of action has revealed relevant differences between MSCs from different origins. To elucidate the potency differences observed between UCX® and BM-MSCs, gene expression related to immune modulation was analysed in both cell types. Several gene expression profile differences were found between UCX® and BM-MSCs, namely decreased expression of HLA-DRA, HO-1, IGFBP1, 4 and 6, ILR1, IL6R and PTGES and increased expression of CD200, CD273, CD274, IL1B, IL-8, LIF and TGFB2. The latter were confirmed at the protein expression level. Overall, these results show that UCX® seem to be naturally more potent immunosuppressors and less immunogenic than BM-MSCs. See full publication at: Stem Cells International; Volume 2015 (2015), Article ID 583984;