ECBio SA, a biopharmaceutical SME incorporated in 1999, intends to become a leader in the development of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products involving the use of human stem cells to address various unmet therapeutic needs.

ECBio has developed a cellular product – UCX®, based on mesenchymal stromal/stem cells isolated from the umbilical cord tissue through a proprietary patented technology.


ECBio’s mission is to improve people’s health and well-being through the implementation of stem cell-based therapies.

ECBio’s business and objectives

ECBio’s main goal is to become a leading company in the development of innovative therapies involving the use of human stem cells as therapeutic agents to address various clinical conditions.

Presently, ECBio´s main activity is based on specific know how on translation of stem cell technologies into stem cell-based products for cell therapies.

Currently, UCX® cells are being used as starting material for several off-the-shelf allogeneic biopharmaceutical products at the point of initiating clinical trials for several unmet medical needs.

ECBio aims to partner with clinicians and health care institutions to make cell therapy solutions available to the community.